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Mother and Baby

Let's take a moment and acknowledge how amazing you are for being a Mom! Your body nurtured and nourished your baby for nine months and even though he or she is out in the world now, the best place for baby is still by your side. Science has proven that skin-to-skin contact has physiological and mental benefits for both you and your little one.


BUT, do the infant carriers available to chose from today make you feel like you're doing aerial yoga or strapping on a lifejacket and holding on for dear life? If so, you are not alone. We are a group of female engineers and designers on a mission to create the easiest, safest, and most comfortable infant carrier known to woman. Our goal is to make you forget you're even wearing our product, it's just you, your baby, and lots of snuggles.


And we want to put the power of the pen in your hands, letting you help design the type of product that you want to see on store shelves and wear. Choose between different features and be a part of the design process. Let your imagination run free momma, we can’t wait to bring your ideas to life!

Hey There

Wear it like a shirt 

Infant carriers currently on the market that allow for skin to skin contact are typically single long pieces of fabric that need to be tediously and meticulously wrapped around you. What if instead, it was as easy as putting on a t-shirt? Start to finish in four steps or less.


Wearing your baby shouldn't be a work out! Let's make sure that the material is breathable so sweat doesn't build up under your arms or across your back, keeping you and baby cool and comfortable. 

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Breastfeeding Compatible

Breastfeed when you want and where you want with easy accessibility features that don't require you to take off the entire product while simultaneously functioning as cover if you desire some privacy

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Do you prefer to use your infant carrier in the comfort of your own home or on-the-go? Motherhood looks so good on you, let's make sure that your infant carrier doesn't dull your shine. 

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Where do you need some additional support? Where do the products you currently use or have used in the past been a pain? We've got your back (Literally!)

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How long do you plan on carrying your little one? They grow fast so based on the needs of parents, our design will be tailored accordingly!

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Do products currently on the market feel safe and secure for use with your baby? What features give you a sense of security and comfort? 


Pay It Forward

Once you're baby has outgrown his/her infant carrier, would you be interested in donating it to be scrubbed, cleaned, and donated to a family in need? Or would you prefer to keep it for future use and/or as a momento?

Thank You!

Thanks for submitting!

With so much likely on your plate, your involvement is much appreciated! If we missed something above that you'd like to see in included in the product, please leave a comment below. Our team checks every day and popular requests will be added as new features!

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Thanks for submitting!

If you'd like to be notified when the Roo hits the shelves, leave your email address here and we'll let you know and include a token of our appreciation for your support!

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