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Baby's Grasp

The Bunty

Baby Carrier

Facilitating the continuum of KMC from hospital to home



Our Bunty Baby Carrier provides a close held fit between mom and baby while practicing KMC ensuring the infant's neck is supported at all times and eliminating the risk of infant falls



Our special material blend brings you the best of both worlds, soft against the skin for mom and baby while ensuring sweat is not wicked away, preventing evaporative heat loss that could be harmful for baby



Machine and hand wash friendly allowing for routine sanitation and a clean environment and experience for mom and baby



The Bunty Baby Carrier has undergone extensive laboratory and field testing for safety and reliability

Beyond it's use as an infant carrier, this blouse may be used as a fashion item, available in a variety of colors and sytles

Light and Shadow

There is a 40% reduction in mortality of low birthweight infants who receive KMC compared to conventional neonatal care

how it works


“...Will you leave this sample blouse with me? My baby fell asleep immediately after it was kept inside the blouse. I have never seen him sleeping this well. He always drinks milk and plays but doesn’t sleep much. I can put him to sleep through KMC during nights”

“...I am ready to provide KMC as much time as required if my baby would gain weight. This blouse is so convenient too. I don’t see any barrier which would stop me from giving the care.” 

“...Thanks for introducing this blouse to me and giving me awareness on Kangaroo Mother Care”

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