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Mother and Baby
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Regulates Body Temperature

KMC is best known for its ability to moderate the newborn's body temperature. The mother's breasts have an innate ability to warm up or cool down according to the baby's metabolic needs


Encourages Sleep Pattern

Skin-to-skin contact has shown to encourage healthy sleep patterns, with newborns falling asleep faster and for longer, while also improving sleep quality


Improves Immune Function

The newborn's immune function benefits from skin-to-skin contact with mom with antibodies transferred through the skin and breast milk, providing protection from viruses and bacteria


Encourages Weight Gain

Through a system of hormonal regulation conducted by skin-to-skin contact, newborns do not have to burn their own fat stores to maintain warmth and are therefore more readily able to gain weight


Stimulates Brain Development

KMC promotes the development of neural pathways and improves blood flow which has proven benefits on neurological outcomes and maturation


Promotes Breastfeeding

KMC promotes the production of the hormone prolactin in mothers, increasing her milk supply and infants that receive KMC after birth are more likely to breastfeed 

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